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Spatial information is the digital connection between location, people and activities. This information can graphically illustrate what is happening (where, how and why) to show the insight and impact of the past, the present and the (likely) future. The knowledge produced by spatial information is fundamental to the lives of every Australian and usually results in a map.

Destination Spatial is curated by a volunteer run committee representing the private sector, education and research institutions, and industry associations. 

Our mission is that Australia has a talented workforce which delivers excellence and sustainability to the spatial industry in Australia and around the world. We build relationships with the private sector, government and education providers, to raise awareness of the spatial industry. And we promote the sector as an attractive career choice for secondary and university students to ensure the future workforce is capable of fulfilling new opportunities.

The matchmaker portal is the first stop for students interested in pursuing careers in Australia's growing spatial industry; through employment, work experience and volunteer opportunities.

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